About Us

TARC, The Antisemitism Research Center, is a non-profit non-governmental institute that focuses on nowadays antisemitism. The research center mainly concentrates on finding the sources and causes of today's antisemitism, and opposing them.

TARC's team is formed from a diverse group of highly dedicated professionals, who believe in the just and important cause of TARC.

Our Vision

Our vision is to form a society in which no antisemitic actions or ideologies are tolerated, and no antisemitic campaigns are left un-answered. We believe that TARC is achieving great progress in making antisemitism illegitimate worldwide.

Our Goals

Our goals are to raise awareness to antisemite activities around the world, to point out antisemitism spreading individuals and groups and to stop them from discriminating, defaming and hurting Jews.

Our Activity

TARC monitors antisemite movements and trends around the globe using advanced tools and methods, such as big-data and social media analysis.

We are fighting both manifested and concealed antisemite entities, while working relentlessly to expose antismitic projects that disguise their real aspirations.

Anti-Israel or Anti-Semitism?

We strongly oppose anti-Israeli activities, that we believe are a new form of antisemitism, and dedicate special efforts in order to reveal the real motivation behind organizations who take part in such endeavors.

The anti-Israeli movements have gained momentum in recent years, and today Israel is constantly attacked by numerous biased organizations from all around the globe, while horrible war crimes and civil rights violations are committed by many states worldwide. The reason why Israel's self-defense is condemned while genuine crimes and tragedies are ignored is antisemitism.